Another foggy attempt

Still playing around with the images from yesterday. When I opened the pictures I was shocked at how much sharpening had been added. As I have just started using Lightroom I’m sure its something I’m doing wrong. Today I have emailed myself a picture from Lightroom and used that image, hopefully without the extra sharpening and slightly higher quality. If any Lightroom users have any tips they will be gratefully received.



9 thoughts on “Another foggy attempt

  1. Nice shot, seems totally ok to me. With fog you need to preserve all shades of grey, so easy on the contrast. Don’t see anything wrong here, perhaps the framing does not fully capture the fog you had in mind. In fog things disappear with distance. Here you have the trees + man + dog. In the distance you hardly see anything (fog), perhaps the middle section is ‘missing’ to enhance the ‘sense of fog’. Just my .02 cents;) Here a fog shot I took

    • Many thanks for the reply, as it happens I was looking at your site when your comment popped-up. Fantastic, pictures really great – love the quality as well.
      I agree with your comments re the fog, you’re right what is missing is the depth its obvious now you’ve mentioned it.
      I shall take a look at your picture now

      • I read that you use Lightroom. I do too (version 4) and loving it. I have been using LR now for 2 years (since I started shooting in RAW, if you don’t shoot RAW, you should try it, because e.g. with LR you get the max out of your shots). The better you know the tool (LR) the better results you get out of your shots, so just continue and gradually master it, it is fun!

      • Yes just started out with LR (still on my 30 day free trial) and raw. Really struggled to start with but am just starting to see the possibilities. May be bothering you to share some of your hard earned secrets soon as some of your pictures are brilliant

      • Just give it time (is more than 30 days;). I prefer LR4 much over LR3, some sliders are really powerful. But it is the combination. In the end you have to know what each slider does. Just experiment (set them to min and max and see what happens). And keep an eye on the Histogram! All sliders work globally … but there also is the ‘Graduate Filter’ which is really powerful. And for local toches you can use the ‘Adjustment brush’ … bu that last one should not be used at the start. First get to know what each slider does. LR is fun esp. when you have a shot worth working on. But even simple shots can be totally brought to life with LR (without overdoing it).


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